You don’t have to sacrifice your health for your business, or vice versa. Discover how these principles can help you achieve your goals in perfect balance..

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m big into personal development as well as the mechanics of running a business.

The marketing, sales, and delivery aspects of a business are important to me. And I believe that the one big thing that drives growth is having principles to live by.

Modern-day fitness entrepreneurs have a wide range of challenges to face from day-to-day. Time management is a big issue for many of us… And so is looking after our own health.

Because when it comes to growing a business, it’s easy to forget about your own training and lifestyle. And when you do, you end up feeling like a fraud.

So, I want to share 10 daily power moves that we get all our clients to implement day in and day out when it comes to running their businesses.

These power moves are reverse-engineered from several key goals, like:

  • Living life to your fullest
  • Protecting your health
  • Driving your business
  • Becoming a better human
  • Leading others
  • Creating massive personal wealth

Incorporating good habits, like these daily power moves, not only helps you now but it also ensures that you’re in it for the long haul.

Move #1 – 50 15-Second Breaths

One big thing that we forget as fitness professionals nowadays is deep breathing. So, get into the habit of taking deep breaths across the day.

That’s five seconds in, five seconds hold, and five seconds exhale.

There are a ton of different breathing techniques out there but when you oxygenate your system, great things happen. You’ll operate better when you take the time to take these 50 deep breaths each day.

Of course, you don’t have to do them all at once.

Do them in sets of 10 throughout the day, especially if you sit hunched over a laptop all day long. Or set aside a time to practice mindful breathing techniques.

The important thing is that you get oxygen into your system.

Move #2 – 15 Minutes Journaling Every AM and PM

What should you be journaling during these periods?

In a word: everything. 

Journaling is where you’re doing a brain dump of all the ideas and observations you have running around your head.

That means if you wake up with a new idea, you’d put it in your journal. Or, if you want to explore a new way of doing things for your business, you’d write it down.

These journaling periods also serve as the time to check your gratitude levels. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for today?” and get it down on paper.

Journaling also helps you focus on reflective questions instead of having them swimming around in your head. These reflective questions could include:

  • Are these challenges serving me?
  • What challenges may I face and how may I overcome them?
  • What potential triggers do I see?
  • Who do I need to reach out to and get help from?

These are important questions you need to constantly ask yourself along with affirmations.

Move #3 – Read One Chapter of a Book

So many people think reading a social media feed qualifies as reading – it does not.

That’s why I want you to challenge yourself to read one chapter of a book each day and fill your mind with valuable information.

It can be any type of book, but it needs to be something of value. So, if you’ve been thinking about picking up that marketing book or something on sales, this is the time to do it.

Even if you always said that you were too busy to sit down and read. It’s just one chapter a day. And you’ll get through it much sooner if you actually start reading it.

Personal development books also count because we want to ramp up education. Make sure that we’re getting high-quality inspiring information – not stupid stuff like news.

Move #4 – 100 Press-Ups and 100 Bodyweight Squats

Why am I telling fitness professionals to do this? 

Because you get so busy doing check-ins and other stuff that you actually forget to train.

So, here’s a power move for you.

Do 100 press-ups and 100 bodyweight squats daily. You can do them in sets of 10 if that’s easier for you.

But it’s safe to say that if you’re going to do these every single day, you’re going to have a tighter, harder body. Your fitness is going to go up and you’ll get the benefits of blood flow and breathing, too.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to do these press-ups and body squats. You can also just do a 45-minute training session each day. They’re interchangeable.

For me, though, I generally do these moves on top of everything else.

Move #5 – Eat Sensibly

When I say “eat sensibly,” I mean that you need to eat like an adult.

Minimise the amount of processed food you eat each day. For your diet, aim for 80% good quality stuff. If you absolutely must eat junk food, make sure that it only accounts for 20% of your diet or less.

Also, monitor your calories and protein intake.

It’s common sense in nutrition, but when you get overstressed you may get tempted to reach for hyper stimulating foods that leave you feeling like crap and kill focus..

Move #6 – Drink a Minimum of 3 Litres of Water

Just like a proper diet and exercise, it’s easy to forget to hydrate properly. And when you’re not hydrated, you can’t perform at your peak.

Keep water bottles everywhere you know you’re going to be or carry one along with you. When you keep your water close by, it’s within easy reach and you don’t have an excuse to not drink it.

Move #7 – Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is a prerequisite to high performance.

I’m not a huge believer in the 5 am Club. I think it’s nonsense when somebody tells me to hit the snooze button when I’ve woken up at 5 am and I only had a couple of hours of sleep.

What I believe in is that trying to build a six or seven-figure business on severe sleep deprivation will not work – it’s unhealthy.

You need to give yourself permission to get sleep.

Don’t get me wrong…

Getting up at 5 am or 6 am allows you to get more done. But if you’re going to bed really late and your sleep quality isn’t good, you’ll just be waking up exhausted. This can translate to making more mistakes, getting into more arguments, and creating more stress for yourself.

Move #8 – Speak Your Truth

What do I mean when I tell you to speak your truth?

I mean that every single day, you need to have an uncomfortable conversation that is going to allow you to unlock your true potential. 

These conversations will allow you to deal with problems and challenges. And it’s going to allow you to build yourself as a leader.

This truth helps to train you to speak what’s on your mind to the people in front of you that you connect with every day.

Move #9 – Prioritise the Hard Stuff

It’s tempting to push the hard stuff off for later in the day, if ever. But I’m telling you to do the opposite.

Do the hard stuff first thing in your day.


Because when you get the hard stuff out of the way, you create so much more energy and clarity than doing the easy stuff first. And you also get it done even faster.

This is the reality of it…

The hard stuff is what really moves the needle when it comes to money, impact, and freedom in the business.

This is the stuff you procrastinate on and say you’ll do it later. Instead, you go grab another cup of coffee and dip into social media.

It’s this hard stuff that’s going to help you grow as a leader, an entrepreneur, and a person.

Move #10 – Express Gratitude Daily

It’s important that you’re grateful for things in your life or tell somebody that you love them.

You may list some of the things you’re grateful for in your daily journaling, but you can go one step further. Express your love and appreciation for those around you whether they’re family members or friends.

When you express your gratitude daily, you’re putting that positive energy out there. And you receive it in return.

Turn Power Moves Into Power Habits

Some of these power moves may be very familiar to you. And you may already be doing them. But the key here is consistency.

You need to make sure that you practice these power moves day in and day out until they turn into power habits.

When you approach your life with these moves, it liberates a lot of love and energy. You end up with clarity and traction for growth.

And it will, without a doubt, help you grow as a person.

I hope these tips help you in both your personal and business life. Take care.

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