How To Build Confidence Working In The Fitness Industry

One of the biggest challenges to fitness entrepreneurs is struggling with a lack of confidence. This is especially true when it comes to growing their brand and building a successful business.

I know that confidence is not easy to find, but it comes down to this simple fact: if you don’t value yourself, how can others see value in you? If you’re worried about what others think about you, a part of you will believe that you’re not worthy of success; or worse, you will think that you don’t have the level of expertise that you do, in fact, already possess.

Ultimately, it is your confidence that a customer invests in. It’s your strongest marketing tool. If you can’t market yourself then you can’t build authority or inspire others to trust in you and your brand. Without confidence you have no credibility and without credibility you will soon be back where you started. You need confidence to communicate your message to the unique demographic in need of your help.

Remember, a large number of people count on you: your family, your clients, and the people out there who are looking for what you have to offer. If you lack confidence to convey this to others, then you’ll be letting down not only those who depend on you, but also yourself.
I know how difficult it is to build your confidence. To help, I’d like to share with you three life lessons that have helped me build mine.


#1 Strong Internal Dialogue

You have to be able to look at yourself with honesty. To do that you need to ask yourself the right questions. One of the best questions you can ask is:  “Whose life am I living?”

When you make decisions out of fear or do things to please others at the expense of yourself, it never turns out well. When you ask that question, the first answer to come to mind should be your first name.

A mentor of mine once said that any area of your life you don’t control will be controlled by somebody else. If you’re making a decision to please someone else, or because you’re worried how they will react, you’re allowing them to control your life. This is true in both your personal and professional life. Always understand that you need to be the author of your own life. No one else has that right. Remember that most of those people you worry about when it comes to producing content are the people who will never buy from you anyway.


#2 Reframe your Mistakes

Let’s face it; some of the things we think will be the best things in life turn out to be the worst, while some of the worst situations in our lives can turn out to be the biggest blessings. We need challenge in order to grow.

We need experience of the bad side of life to know what we don’t want; thus, by channelling that experience, we can then value the good side of life and feel inspired to work toward it. If you don’t have these two polarities, what’s desired and what’s undesired, you can never have a frame of reference. They give things meaning and value. Our mistakes outline these polarities. They become our best teachers. Do not fear your mistakes, welcome them as opportunities. Learn from them and you will be invincible in the game of success.


#3 Upgrade your Peer Group

Look at the people who surround you in your life now. Do they inspire you? Do they stretch you? Do they teach you something new every single time you’re with them? What are their conversations like? Are they talking about building wealth, building a great business, and living life to the full, or are they caught up talking about other people’s businesses?

It’s very hard to remain positive in a negative environment, no matter how much personal development work you do. You need to surround yourself with individuals who are high achievers in the areas that you want to master, because they have already made more mistakes than you. You’ll be able to harness their lessons and utilize them to fast track your growth. Know that trial and error is one of the slowest ways to learn. It costs money, health, and energy. You can skip this turmoil when you go to someone who has already achieved exactly what you want to achieve. Model their thinking, interview them, and ask questions. There’s nothing more beneficial to growing your confidence than being humiliated, knowing that you’re not yet at your best and that you’ve got plenty more work to do.

Being surrounded by a supportive and challenging environment will inspire you to grow. That said, you don’t want to be in an environment that is too supportive either, as that will lead to complacency. You also don’t want to be in an environment that is too challenging, because you’ll burn out and hit your limits. You need that balance of both challenge and support in order to grow.

Be sure to benefit from regularly mixing with other fitness business owners on the same journey as you; the sharing of ideas and experiences is invaluable for your professional development and personal growth. Somebody may be able to give you a perspective that you never considered. This will broaden your mind and awareness to the point where you’re not overly controlled by your emotions, which, as we know only too well, can make us blind and impulsive.


In conclusion: Balance

Notice the key theme within these points is maintaining balance:

• You want to balance your peer group.
• You want to reframe your mistakes to maintain a balance of good and bad experiences.
• You want to balance your mind by asking yourself the right questions.

While my three steps will help you build your confidence, know that balance is essential to maintaining that confidence because it provides peace of mind. A confident person is not worried about what others think, but is focused on their own dream and is proud of their experiences. Keep these points in mind, and you’ll go far.

All the best from me. Take care.


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