Imposter Syndrome: What To Do When You Feel Like A Fraud

Do you ever doubt your knowledge as a personal trainer?

Ever think that you don’t know enough?

When it comes to marketing yourself are you ever scared to put your message out there in case somebody calls you out?

One of the biggest problems I come across when working with with personal trainers is self-doubt. 

A lot of personal trainers don’t feel confident in what they charge and are worried about being called a ripoff.

Here’s the thing, if you’re constantly worried about other people, particularly other personal trainers (that are never going to buy from you btw) your income and confidence is going to suffer.

The whole point of building a business is to build a life of personal freedom, improve other people’s lives and pay yourself handsomely. 

Focus on the people that matter. That is…

  • Your paying clients
  • Your potential clients
  • Yourself
  • Close friends and family

All the best.

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