Top 7 Tips for Pushing Through Plateaus in Business and Life

Do you feel stuck? Discover the most powerful ways to rise above blockages and unlock your full potential.

Let’s face it – we all want to be wealthy. But wealth isn’t necessarily about money. It’s about having the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

But the road to wealth is everything but smooth. Many times life will get in the way, and you’ll feel like there’s no moving forward. 

You know the feeling of boredom and frustration that plagues you when nothing you do seems to work…     

The good news is that you have more control over your life than you think. Stagnation doesn’t just happen – it’s something you create. This means you can un-create it and keep marching towards your dream life and vision.

But how?

You’ll hear all sorts of stories and advice, but I like to keep it simple. Here are seven straightforward yet powerful tips for getting unstuck:

1. Pinpoint the Area of Stagnation


When you’re feeling stuck there’s a high chance it doesn’t apply to all areas of your life. The problem is that different parts of your life spill into one another. It can be tough to see which one is the real problem.

For example, you may have business problems that come from mental or mindset issues. No amount of work on your business will fix this. You need to look deep into yourself and see what’s wrong.

Your plateau may have all sorts of causes. Perhaps your business is doing well, but you find yourself caught in the grip of toxic relationships or health problems. These issues will show up in everything you do, so it’s no wonder they can make you feel stuck.

So before you take any action, make sure you understand exactly what your core problem is. If you don’t, you’ll waste a ton of time fixing minor issues that don’t have a significant effect on your life. And you have no time to waste, especially in business.

2. See If You’re in the Comfort Zone


“Comfort zone” sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s warm, pleasant, and makes you feel protected.

Well, guess what? The only thing it really does is kill your business and passion for life. While it might feel good at first, you’ll reach a point when you’ll see it for what it is – a jail that’s stopping you from living your best life.

So how do you know if you’re in the comfort zone?

It’s easy. You feel bored, demotivated, and overall frustrated with your life. But you’re not doing anything about it. 

Instead, you sit around while life passes you by. You’d rather watch Netflix for three hours than use the time to build the life you want.

Sounds familiar? 

If so, you need to get out as soon as possible.

‘Cause here’s the thing – success isn’t something that just happens. It’s the sum of all our actions, big or small. How can you take any action if you cocoon yourself in your comfort zone? The sad truth is that many people find it hard to step away. 

Why? Because taking action can be painful. It requires hard work and motivation. And people who chain themselves to their comfort zone have neither.

Luckily, there’s a simple way of getting out. All you have to do is ask yourself one question:

“Is there something more important I should be doing?”

In the vast majority of cases, the answer will be “yes.” All you need to do is overcome your fear and get moving.

3. Don’t Play Small


Many fitness coaches who feel stuck live their life day by day. They have no plans for the long run, nor do they have any idea of how to keep moving forward.

This is no way to grow.

If you do this, you’ll take small steps that don’t lead in the right direction. Without a clear goal in mind, you’ll run around like a lost puppy. As a result, you’ll continue burying yourself deeper in your mess.

What do you want for yourself in the next three months? What about a year?

Think long and hard about it and make sure to track your progress. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see your forward movement.

4. Find a No-Bullshit Mentor

When building your wealth, you need to learn a whole bunch of stuff. The learning curve never ends, as there will always be something you can do to grow even further.

This is why you must find a mentor who will teach you the right stuff and guide you along the way.

Sadly, there aren’t many of those around.

Most will promise you the earth, deliver nothing and leave you with a hole in your wallet.

It important to do your due diligence when choosing the right mentor. If they can’t teach you how to market, sell and improve the delivery of your service, they’re just full of it and won’t provide you with any tangible value. If you want to validate whether or not to work with them, just look at their success to date. If they can’t do it for themselves, they certainly won’t be able to do it for you.

What you need is a person who will tell you how things work without trying to impress you with fancy, esoteric stuff that has no value in the real world. Someone who will tell you that you have to work your ass off and face a ton of challenges.

More importantly, you need someone who will show you how to go about it. 

5. Hang Out with the Right People

In tandem with my last point, the people you spend time with matter more than you think. If you surround yourself with lazy people who can’t seem to get anything done, you’ll quickly become one of them.

But find four people who are out there creating huge success, and you’ll likely be the fifth.

Here’s the thing – energy is contagious. If people around you keep talking crap and putting others down, you’ll never succeed. Instead, you’ll join them and will remain stuck in a rut with them.

So choose your relationships wisely. Find people who already have everything you want in life. Talk to them, learn what they’ve done, and then get out there and do the same. I can guarantee your life will change.

6. Get It Out of Your System


Hedonistic pleasures are a tricky thing. They’re a siren song that keeps drawing you in and pulling you away from your goals. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to resist them.

So why try in the first place?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely important to make wise life choices that won’t derail your progress. 

On the other hand, don’t become obsessed with the things you want, but tell yourself you can’t have. It’s a quirk of the human mind that the more we tell ourselves something’s “forbidden,” the more attractive it seems.

The more you try to fight off your urges, the more power they have over you. Instead, why not go out there and fulfil your desires (within reason).

Yes, this contradicts the advice most entrepreneurs give you. They’re all about grinding until your eyes bleed and not doing anything else. But in the real world, that doesn’t work. All work and no play makes for a very dull life.

Instead, you need to enjoy yourself. Go out and have a drink, buy the thing you want, and do what you feel like doing. Get it out of your system. You’ll be able to focus much better on your goals when you’ve put your urges to rest.

Don’t wait for your cravings to build up and make you miserable. Satisfy your needs, and you’ll be able to get to work much more easily. 

Just don’t overdo it. It’s all about balancing work and fun, not unbridled indulgence. 

7. Make a List of All Your Problems


When you get stuck, your head is a mess. You think about all sorts of stuff without doing much about it. Because of this, there’s no mental space for coming up with ways to deal with your problems.

The way around this is simple. You just have to put all your troubles down on a piece of paper. 

Make sure you start with your toughest issues. The ones you probably won’t be able to handle on your own. This is the time to reach out for help. You could get in touch with a good mentor. Or join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who can give you perspective on your problems.  

You want to remove the biggest challenges that are standing in your way first. Then you can focus on the little things that will get you to where you want to be.

Setting your priorities like this gives you the clarity you need if you want to live your best life.

Snap Out of It


We all feel stuck sometimes. But the last thing you want to do is stay stuck and keep on feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead, you need to look at things as they are and take life into your own hands.

Sure, it can be tough. But would you rather do something hard and move forward, or stay in one place for the rest of your life?

The choice is clear. All you have to do now is get out of your own way and start pushing through.

How? By taking the first step that will transform your fitness business forever. To see what it is, check out the 10 commandments for building a great fitness business.

I hope this helps you rise above the plateaus and start building the life you deserve. Take care.

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