In fact, I dare you not to read this. Because contained below is a risk-free offer to:

Try out more than £278 of my High Output – Peak Productivity System, Free Shipping on my 90-Day Journal, and the ability to reclaim and leverage time freedom as a high value fitness entrepreneur.

Want to become hyper productive? (Quickly becoming prolific in any industry as a fitness entrepreneur)

Ever wonder why it feels some people have 25 hours a day… 8 days a week? (Then secretly wish it was you? — Try this Output System ☝️)

Working past 8pm? HATE Sunday Nights? Procrastinating and not hitting goals? (How to end it for good)

Want to trial a proven Step-By-Step System to high output, 3-day work weeks, and slashing days in half? (Claim a time transformation and unfair advantage below…)

24 hours.

It’s all that you and I get in a day.

That same 24 hours is one we never get back. Yet…

What if it was possible to trial… buying back more time than we ever thought possible?

Now I can’t extend life – but what about getting more done in less time?

What about moving from done, to exceptional, to prolific?

And what if it was possible to trial all this out for only 7p a day?

Well on this page, it’s a mission of mine to make fitness entrepreneurs truly exceptional.

To prove this to you, I’m going to uncover 3 things:

❌ Firstly → why we’re inefficient… and not getting maximum output in minimal time…

❌ Secondly → why we procrastinate on BIG goals… and how to burn the boats…

Then I believe I can offer a chance at redemption. Because by trialing this simple system…

✅ Thirdly → It’s possible to “buy back time,” achieve “mental inbox zero,” and get more done with less…

In fact, I’m 100% convinced this is the business lever that secretly returns the biggest quantum leap year over year. Here’s how…

Let me be frank, the process we’ll walk through is not for everyone.

It’s only for those who want revolutionary increases in personal productivity, daily discipline, and outrageous output.

It’s for those who want to win by the widest margins possible, in the shortest period of time.

If that’s you, then we must tackle our own interia, inefficiency and procrastination habits.

“An object at rest stays at rest.”
“An object in motion stays in motion.”

So why is this NEVER true about our personal productivity?

The answer is that many of us work harder, yet still fall far from our goals. It’s the reason we:

⛔ Fall shy of our fullest potential
📉 Work harder, only to get less in life and business
👀 Cycle through bad habits, procrastination guilt, then envy others…

Can I fix it here? 👇

Because the brutal answer lies with the very problem we try to fix: Productivity itself…

Iron Mike never said it better.

The truth is that most of us try to fix procrastination, poor goals and low output with… more productivity.


However it’s like rushing more water through an already leaky pipe…

It might fill the glass in the short run, but we only ended up flooding the house elsewhere.


By trying to improve and increase what we currently do, all that effort only leads to a marginally better output.

That means one hour in, one hour out.

1 + 1 = 2
1 + 1 + 1 = 3

Versus Peak Productivity gains:

Peak Productivity uses “power laws,” which we’ll uncover fully in just a moment.

All we need to know right now… is that we look for small inputs in time, focused in the right areas, which produce BIG, disproportionate returns.

With Peak Productivity, one hour, can be 4 hours out.

Over the course of a quarter, this is what it feels like:


1.1² = 1.1 x 1.1 = 1.21
2³ = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8
4⁴ = 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 256

Now achieving this is rare, but fully possible provided we know how.


Then once achieved, we end up with an incredibly unfair advantage over others. In fact…


It’s the answer behind never fearing a Sunday night, or a stacked calendar, or a Monday morning ever again.

And to master it, I’m about to introduce a revolutionarily simple system into your life.

Not only will I send this 338 page Peak Productivity guide — 90 day journal — right to the front door…

Fitness entrepreneurs can also trial the entire process for basically nothing. I’ll share all about it in just a moment from now.

But to see it in action, we must fully grasp this


2 .8 Million Years 

This is how long it will take the average human to match Jeff Bezos’ (CEO of Amazon) net worth.


He’s 56 years old.
He has 24 hours a day.
He’s a master of Peak Productivity.

Now none of us need a net worth of $180 billion. However it’s an incredible example of a person who isn’t just “eeking” out marginal productivity gains inside their day…


But focusing ONLY on high energy, high output, high impact activities. Because…

The insight from Jeff’s world is obvious. It’s not just how we do something…

That only gets us more of what either isn’t working… or working subpar. Instead, it’s…


It’s why setting big goals, missing them feels like such an elusive goal. Everybody tries it, yet few truly master it…


And the answer is simple for fitness entrepreneurs: Simply align the 4 power laws of our Peak Productivity state…


Because once aligned like the cycle 👉, we break the cycle of procrastination and low value output.

That, my friend, is exactly why I believe most productivity planners, most “hacks,” and most optimisation strategies… tragically fail us.

They never actually factored in our human nature, our goals, and proper planning.


So let’s break down exactly how to fix it

Einstein Got it Wrong.

It’s actually…

Most entrepreneurs think:

Procrastination is beaten by productivity.
Productivity = high output.

Now we know that’s sadly not true, and deceives us everytime we try to get better.

Instead, the answer lies in taking advantage of our human nature…

Energy = Construction, multiplied by momentum and our mission, squared.


For us to need to do something it must be part of the mission.


For us to want to do something  we must have energy.


For us to plan and construct  we must have big goals.


For us to break inertia and resistance  we have to have momentum.


Yet this is where most productivity guides cruelly start and end:


Construction (by focusing on planning, planning, planning).


It’s why Pomodoro only marginally improves output in 25 minute batches…


It’s why productivity systems focusing only on planning or construction fail us…


because it works against our human nature.




Get into Peak Productivity flow by aligning the power laws:

Momentum  Our traction, our Effort, our Results


Mission Our North Star, our What, our Why, our Who


Energy Our Value, our Power, our Investment, our Standards


Construction Life Projects, Business Projects, Impact Projects, Battle Planner


So the truth is that what I’m about to place into our hands isn’t a productivity system or strategy…

It’s the answer.

It reverse-engineers what actually makes us tick as humans, gets us aligned… and places huge power laws that work for us, not against us.


It’s the little hinge swinging the big doors in all areas of life. And once in place, we instantly notice…

  • Huge clarity in mental thought, focus and presence

  • Waking up without fear of our inbox, calendar or messenger

  • Effortlessly hitting goals because the mind, heart and gut is fully aligned


(But there’s more)

I’m not content with making fitness entrepreneurs better. I’m here to make you elite.

The Difference Between Average, Finished, … and Industry Celebrated

( 1.00 )³⁶⁵ = 1.00

( 1.01 )³⁶⁵ = 37.8

Look above: this is the difference between focusing on just 1% growth, and staying in limbo.


It’s a 38x difference over the year. Yet here’s the really staggering piece…


Remember most productivity systems eek out marginal gains in productivity. But the worst piece is when they end up costing us more.


The time, and focus this takes away from mastery is brutal. Because…


( 0.99 )³⁶⁵ = -0.03


Meaning by making the wrong decision today, and staying in a loop of poor focus…

It results in us going backward by 3% every single year.


So what’s the catch?

It all comes from focusing 1% daily in Peak Productivity areas. That’s why it’s so important to master.


I’m convinced, having coached thousands of the world’s best fitness entrepreneurs — that mastering output is the single great quantum leap in business…


… arguably as important, if not more than: marketing, sales, and team.


The best part?


It takes just 4 minutes a day…

 The entire system is fiercely inexpensive…

 It’s easy to implement without overhauling routines

So let’s make this the single best decision any fitness entrepreneur — no matter their level — will ever make for the tiny investment of just 7p a day 👇👇

Working past 8pm?

Can’t remember the last full weekend?

Feel chained and connected to a computer daily?

It all ends today.


Because with the Mission Ready™ System… procrastination is no longer an issue, overworking is dead, and low value work is GONE.


For the first time in life – the only word people will use when describing you – is shockingly high output.


“Feels like they have 25 hours a day?”
“It’s insane. I’m sure they have 8 days a week?”

Ever wanted to work less, get more done, and build an even stronger business…

Then let me hand you the High Output Journal and Peak Productivity system that lets us do it.

Any fitness entrepreneur reading this is now the proud owner of a self-reinforcing, proven system to develop near-insane daily output. It means one thing…

The Mission Ready™ System delivers up to 1,260x efficiency for anyone with a pen in their hand.

Yet only the best will take me up on the unique launch offer I’ve made available here…

In fact, here’s just a handful of the incredible benefits fitness entrepreneurs now own…

26 Things We’re Now Completely Free to do…And never do again!

  • Enjoy Monday – Own a Weekend

  • Laser-Like Focus and Execution

  • Rock solid communications

  • Client delivery innovation

  • Strong Sales Strategies

  • Plotting, setting and smashing goals

  • Fast becoming visionary

  • Huge realationships / sponsoships

  • Selfcare for us, not just clients

  • Absolute “switch-off” routines

  • Powerful mental presence

  • Decisions made from passion > fear

  • Rapid progress in right directions

  • Less than 7 hours of sleep

  • “To Do List” guilt

  • Dodging lunch… again

  • Fearing our calendars

  • Working after 8pm… again

  • Late night writing

  • Nightmare clients

  • £5/hour tasks at midnight

  • Poor or ghosted follow-ups

  • Running late on calls/meetings

  • Rushed client onboarding

  • Turning prospects away

  • Broken routines changing daily

To celebrate the launch of the Mission Ready™ System, I’ve stacked £278 of value into an entire productivity and high output system revolutionising the way fitness entrepreneurs work.


And I’d love to send the system journal right to your front-door.


Using the orange button below:

I’ll ship the journal — digitally deliver the high output system — and do it all with free shipping 

The following 3 additional pieces are designed to turn us into machine-like producers. Each is delivered with immediate digital access — and paired alongside your Mission Ready™ Journal.

Each training deals with the mental, physical and emotional components of upgrading how we think, perform and feel.


Remember any individual effort that is put into the power laws of Peak Productivity…


MASSIVELY increase the output we get.


So paired with: Smashing procrastination, working on high output activities, and getting 1% better daily…


I’d like to unlock the fullest potential we have available.

This is all about goal setting and reverse-engineering success. I view it like Russian dolls… or chain reaction theory.


It’s about getting more done that we ever thought feasibly possible. In an intense video training, we go under the microscope to plot personal, business and lifestyle goals by performing:

  • Life Audits  Reversing goals through mindset, body, relationships, habits

  • Business Audits  Marketing, sales, delivery, team, scale

  • Impact Metrics  Leads, sales, and growth versus habits, rewards, and freedom

Max Output in minimum time is all achieved by looking at power laws. But it’s goal is simple:

Spill over into business, personal and freedom goals. So together, we’ll uncover:

  • Powerful Relationships  The right people in our corner (in and out of business)

  • High Performance Environments   Mastering social media, creating a distraction free “on” and “off” switch, and creating super mental/physical wellness schedules

  • Daily Achievement Rituals Daily Routines, “wind-down habits, and powerful assessments and reflective tools…

We love to make easy decisions, difficult.
And difficult decisions, impulsive.


To counter it, we’ll deep dive into how to become less wrong, more often. All it takes is a few good decisions, and a lot less worse decisions.


Whilst a portion of this incredible training covers goal setting, it’s really an almanac of building a better future… as well as building mental habits that create a mind like a steel trap.

YES! Plus free shipping – but only until the timer above finishes.


Whilst the 338 page Mission Ready™ Journal lasts 90 full days… don’t forget that it reverse engineers a perfect year.


So over that year alone, the investment boils down to just 7p.


Yet as we’ll see in a minute, today it’s possible to trial this system today.


And the only risk as a fitness entrepreneur? When trying Mission Ready™ for the first time, don’t be alarmed when ya suddenly can’t go back!


So add up everything contained above, and we find more than £128 of value contained within the system alone.


But I’m not content. One of my missions is to over deliver and serve fitness entrepreneurs worldwide.


It’s why I’m adding something incredibly special — but with one caveat…

Because Mission Ready™ is new, Big Business Life Lessons is a special one-off bonus I’ve added.


This training was originally reserved behind a £150 event ticket. And not only that, we’ll deep dive through my business processes, daily structure and scaling strategy.


As I’m currently running the largest and most successful fitness entrepreneur’s mastermind, there are incredible lessons behind the highly productive, lean, 7-fig environment.


Together, we’ll install the following Mission and Energy principles:

1. Future Vision < Current Reality  Why we stunt ourselves and often fail on bigger goals we set


2. Thinking 10x with a 1x Plan  Stop looking at the trees with the forest right ahead. This is all about “chunking” a BIG goal into measurable, actionable, and repeatable steps


3. Hiding in Personal Shadows  How to reverse-engineer our self-worth to be focused on outcomes, rather than our past experiences


4. 50/50 Gratitude  How to plan for happiness, develop a calmness even in the centre of storms, and become solutions-focused at every single turn


5. And a 5-piece checklist to use before critical decisions  Covering: Passion for profits, energy vampirism, business measurement tools, becoming fearless in adversity, and becoming our own “5-minute CFO”

For the next 7 Days:

Receive Everything Above and Free Shipping

Whilst this guide was originally only for my 5 and 6-fig clients… I’ve decided to make it the standard for fitness entrepreneurs everywhere.


That’s because I’m convinced no matter the level of business — optimising output, efficiency and productivity is the biggest quantum leap we can make today.


Plus, you can do it for next to nothing… and even trial it out!

I’m talking huge output and slicing work days in half… and the easiest part?


The Mission Ready™ Journal takes just 4 minutes a day to complete.


So truthfully, if ALL I could do was place this into the hands of innovative fitness entrepreneurs – and it was the entry fee of my 4-fig mastermind…


It’d be worth it.


Imagine it: Higher output, less working hours, leveraged growth, and a lot more freedom to scale the right way.


It’s possible with everything you own today:

Today totals £278 of high output value. And…


Because the Mission Ready™ System is brand new, I want to place this in the hands of as many fitness entrepreneurs as possible.


For that very reason, I’ve slashed the investment by more than 90%.


Forget about £300  despite the truly radical time transformation…

Forget about £150  despite completing anything in fractions of the time…

Forget about even £50  despite how prolific we’ll soon be…


I’ve placed a timer on this page before I run out of journals, alongside the offer of free shipping and Big Business Life Lessons.


All in all, this is a serious power stack right here. It’s not for the light hearted.


It’s for those who are ready. For those who are Mission Ready™. Even better…


The investment is TINY: at only £27.


Over the next year alone that’s 👇


 £2.25 a month
 £6.75 a quarter
 £0.07p a day


So before the timer runs out, receive the entire Mission Ready™ System, Big Business Life Lessons, and free shipping today.

Use the orange button below before I need to replace my supply of Journals!

Forget placing the tiny £27 into ads  Mission Ready™ System is a quantum leap upgrade for fitness entrepreneurs…


Skip the £27 worth of coffee, “smart products” or Light Blocking Glasses  I’ll free up more time and growth capacity than these hacks ever could…


And forget placing the £27 into a bottle of 🍷 to come down on Friday night  With Mission Ready™ it’s possible to switch off by 3pm and finally enjoy blissful weekends.


Not only is it tax deductible, it’s also less than the cost of a dinner! Yet…


If for any reason whatsoever you’re wondering if the Mission Ready™ System is the strongest business upgrade we’ll make this year…


Then here comes the offer of a lifetime. Because for any fitness entrepreneur reading this page…

Secondly, because the Mission Ready™ System is guaranteed… if for any reason there’s a concern about using the process, there doesn’t need to be.

There’s 90 full days to try the process. So if you’re on the fence, want to wait, or concerned about the cost…

👈 This guarantee I’m writing is a contract of assurance.

It’s why any fitness entrepreneur can try Mission Ready™ today without worry.

I’m so confident in this process, I’m willing to extend this trust to anyone who tries it.

At only £27, there are few things in this world with an investment so low which grant SO much out of life.

So claim a copy today using any button on this page and I’ll rush ship a copy straight over.

We now have the choice to never work past 3pm…
Plan a supercharged 3-day workweek…
Gain an unfair daily advantage…

It’ll take roughly 73 seconds to claim a copy of Mission Ready™.


When clicking the orange button above ☝️it moves to a secure order form, just like below…

Simply input the details and tell me where to send the copy. I’ll quickly rush ship a Mission Ready™ Journal with zero postal costs.


Within a few days from now, all 338 pages of the journal will arrive and set up the best quarter (90 days)… ever!


The trainings which complete the Mission Ready™ System are sent immediately with fast digital access.


So there’s no waiting involved here to create an incredible mission, and reverse engineer a brutally successful year.


Having personally tested this with a private and select handful (I’m talking 6 clients), they started literally teeming with free available hours.


And when those hours become free, and focused into higher output areas… they become insanely valuable.


Quickly, the deck becomes fully stacked in our favour.


So this is as much about time transformation… as developing a seriously unfair advantage over anyone who (sadly) competes against us. Ready?

Take This Pen and Plot Your Peak Productivity

or risk having history repeat itself

By the power of compounding, being 1% better each day leads to Peak Productivity of 3,800%


I’m handing you the paper, all that’s left is take the pen out of my hand and write Mission Ready™.


We only have to do so many things right in life to get what we want.


But that means there’s a whole lot we can do wrong.

Most of us chase shiny objects, give up on goals, then course correct when things feel too hard.


Yet with Mission Ready™, that all ends.


Today — this moment right here — is only about… Focus.


Relentless focus.


And to walk away from that costs us clear judgement, unparalleled focus and maximum output in minimum time.


It means accepting low tasks. It means surrendering to overworking. And it means embracing missed goals, targets and our strongest potential.


The time we have is precious. It’s the same reason the minimum wage is £8/hour…


And Jeff Bezos is worth $180 billion.


That’s why it’s my mission to make fitness entrepreneurs Mission Ready™…


Two Paths.
Two Decisions…
Two Very Different Outputs

The first choice is the left road.


Use the information listed here on this page and simply try winging it.


Listen, best of luck. It’s taken me 13 years to piece all of this together through trial and error of everything I knew possible.


By saying “NO” today – we risk moving backwards. And we’ve already seen it costs us “-0.03%” over the year…


All whilst top notch, hyper productive fitness entrepreneurs improve leaps and bounds — every single day.


So don’t risk this left road. Instead…


Take the right road and invest into developing incredible daily output.


All it takes is simple: A BIG goal, an honest mission, a Mission Ready™ journal, and a pen.


Quickly it creates mental, physical and emotional clarity unlike anything else. With freedom like:

 Working a 3-day workweek…
 Taking a day off without a shred of worry…
 Getting maximum output in minimum time…


That’s what’s waiting for champion fitness entrepreneurs willing to do what’s needed, daily.


It’s an incredible reward!


Investing just 90p a day over the next month to develop years — and potentially a lifetime’s worth — of maximum output.


Yet this is only achieved today, right here, and only through the right choice.


Still here with me?


Then let’s do it. Take action and try Mission Ready™ today.


Use the big orange “I’m ready to become prolific today!” button below now 👇


To an incredibly high output future,

P.S. – Skipped to the bottom to skim? Here’s everything in 155 words.


The Mission Ready™ System is a physical journal (forcing 1% daily improvement) – accompanying 3 digital high output trainings.


There is £128 of value here.


Until the timer ends, receive free shipping AND £150 bonus training called Big Business Life Lessons. This was originally locked away behind a private event I held with a ticketed entry fee.


Meaning today there’s £278 of value. So the entire stack is only £27. And it’s 90% off.


And the reason for this is because I believe this will become the standard for fast growth fitness entrepreneurs. To do it: I want to place as much value into their hands as possible today.


Plus: There’s a 90 day — trial buy — guarantee attached to Mission Ready™. Meaning for the entire duration of ONE Journal (which plots a full quarter of incredible goals), test it today.


There’s zero catch other than an entire lifetime of development and strategies here on this page.

P.P.S. – Who am I to have figured this out?

My name is Phil Graham, and I’ve personally mentored more than a 1,000 fitness entrepreneurs… market leaders… and absolute titans.

Daily, I lead a group of 350 fitness clients on exactly how to become exceptional. Trust me when I say my pulse is ON the market and what it takes to step up in every area.

I’m surrounded by fitness professionals. I hear their problems, I see the frustrations, but most importantly…

I know the answers. And I’ve tested thousands of them.

This is where Mission Ready™ is truly directed at. And I firmly believe discovering it’s processes creates quantum leaps for those willing.

P.P.S. – Questions? All answered below:

Can I buy more than one Mission Ready™ Journal?

Yes! That option will be presented later.

For any bulk orders (over 10), please email

Phil, I’m not, or not yet, a fitness entrepreneur

No problem! The principles behind the Mission Ready™ Journal work most, if not in all niches. 


Obviously my tribe is fitness entrepreneurs.


Fall outside that? The process will still work.

How long does it take?

It will take precisely 2 hours to work through the mission, and energy pieces. After that the Mission Ready™ Journal takes roughly 4 minutes a day. 


Grab a coffee and make it a habit. We’ve already seen what a 1% improvement does daily!

How long does one Mission Ready™ Journal last?

One journal lasts precisely 90 days. We could use it every other day, extending it to 180 days (a half year). But it will be less effective. 


There will be an option to order more once purchased. And if there’s available stock, visit this page again.

Will this work for me?

A pen, a Mission Ready™ Journal, 4 minutes a day – YEP.

Struggled with goals, motivation or procrastination?

The Mission Ready™ System is designed to completely solve that. Feel free to trial it out too!

Does this help burnout?

Not immediately. But it could.
Burnout comes from many areas.
So if burnout comes from working – then yes! 

If it comes from energy related to working – then yes!

If it comes from outside problems – then it may not solve all problems.

How is this better than < Insert Productivity System Here >

Think about: The task lists, batching, chunking OKRs, SWOTs, KPIs… and many other alphabet systems which never factor in our mission, energy, or desire


When something starts and ends with planning → it never factors in good goals. 

When something factors in goals, but not desire → it’s going to cause procrastination. 

When we start procrastinating → something is off with the mission. 


Mission Ready™ reverse engineers it all. 


Then places it into a daily – 1% – improvement strategy. 


It all results in massive output year over year.

I really want this, but I’m busy. Should I get Mission Ready™?

 Busy? Uh-oh. 


Busy = new stupid. 

I’d recommend Mission Ready™ HIGHLY.

What happens if I miss a day?

The world ends… internally. 


Just kidding. Pick it up the next day. 


Once this becomes a part of our working systems, it’s engrained. Don’t worry about “completing it” or “sticking to it.”


Do it when it matters most. 


I’d seriously advise completing a full month of daily use, to get into the adoption cycle.

How does the daily 1% thing work?

(0.99) to the power of 365 days = -0.03 = we grow one percent worse. 


(1.00) to the power of 365 days = 1 = we stay as is.


(1.01) to the power of 365 days = 37.8 = we’re up to 38x more output. 


We could try to get 10 percent better in a day, week or month. It likely leads to overworking or bad habits. 


Instead, rely on 1% daily through the Mission Ready™ Journal.


Most entrepreneurs focus only from January – March then burn out. Then pick up towards October to December. 


Even out over the year and get better results to boot. 

Get Mission Ready™.

How does the Mission Ready™ system end procrastination?

This process is the ultimate 2-step punch to:


→ Breaking unproductive, time-blocking, procrastination habits. And…

→ Consistently getting 1% better to achieve our goals, mission, and reaching the fullest potential!


Procrastination is prevented by being in alignment with the mission, with our energy, and with our goals. 


That delivers the momentum we need through energy, joy, and planning. 

That’s why I believe the Mission Ready™ Journal is one BIG tool to ending procrastination for good.

How are the trainings delivered?

The 3 pieces which complete the Mission Ready™ System are delivered digitally. Immediate access is given upon purchase. 


Among the lucky few who also get Big Business Life Lessons? Then it will be linked inside the portal. 


The journal will be rush shipped out and should arrive within 4-7 days. 


My advice is to fully scope out the trainings and then the moment the journal arrives, immediately start the audits and use the first day. 


Within the first week, the transformation is near ridiculous. 


Then keep pushing. 


Anytime you need another journal, a link will be available via email, the back of the journal through a code, or by visiting this page.

I hate planning and like to be creative. Will this help?

It will! Being creative still requires the plotted time. The system helps achieve that. 


In fact, using it only frees up more hours to be spontaneously creative when and where required.


Use the Mission Ready™ Journal and System to get in alignment, construct incredible days, and plot time for creativity. 


Repeat that process, and find more available hours per week for leisure, creative time, or hobbies.

How does Mission Ready™ help improve goals?

By cycling through the mission we’d like to achieve, goals become constructed. And when goals are aligned to the mission, they’re easier to hit. 


Later within the Mission Ready™ Journal, we’ll perform audits of both business and life. This will tell you exactly where we are today, and how much we can expect in the future.


From that, we can then set “push goals” which are designed to ramp up in relation to the mission. 


I don’t find it impossible to set a goal of “110%” and then actually land somewhere around 80-90%. 


In fact, Google (/ Alphabet) actually wants their employees to land around 70%. 

So don’t be afraid to set bigger goals, and then chunk them down using the Mission Ready™ System.

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