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From Phil Graham

Dear Personal Trainer,

You’re on this page because you’re interested in hiring me as your personal business mentor and want to join my 12-month mastermind.

On this page you’ll find a wide range of different coaches and fitness businesses i’ve worked with. They all came to me with different challenges at the start including,

  • Lack of confidence and clarity resulting in massive self-doubt and procrastination.
  • Patchy, inconsistent marketing, that results in client numbers, cashflow & confidence going up & down like a rollercoaster.
  • No systems and sense of structure
  • Under performing and disconnected team
  • Emotional and Physical burnout
  • and more…

Using the four key strategies taught inside Authority Network, I’ve been helped 100s of coaches, trainers and gym owners double, triple and in some cases quadruple their income nevermind gain the freedom they wished for back when they first decided to become an entrepreneur.

Browse through the case studies below and see for yourself the impact my work has had on the lives of many fitness business owners from around the world.

You know you need to upgrade your peer group when the chat is empty and leads to nothing. A peer group that talks about business, wealth, health, fitness, mindset and personal mastery is the one you need to be in.

Rest assure when you join Authority Network you will gain an unfair advantage over everyone else in your marketplace.

Yours in Strength,

P.s If you don’t find a case study that reflects your business situation and are still a little unsure about working with me – please reach out and i’ll put you in touch with one of my students who best fits your circumstances. There are 100s more case studies than what you see below.


“The BEST investment I’ve ever made.

“The mastermind has changed my life!

“I can’t even put into words how much

this has changed my life and business.

“I’m making MORE MONEY THAN EVER BEFORE even while working fewer hours!

“I can’t even put into words how much the mastermind has changed my life and business.

“I’ve done a few business courses before. NOTHING COMES CLOSE!

“I would have PAID DOUBLE it was that good!

“If you want structure and accountability. You won’t find another business course like this. Simply incredible!”

“I’ve doubled my time off

and trebled my income!

“Exceptional Investment!

I’ve made some great friends here to.

“My business has doubled in size and income within 6-months. Authority Network is the definition of POWERFUL BUSINESS COACHING.

“I made my money back very quickly!

“Phil saved our gym from closing down.

For that we will be forever grateful.


gained back more free time in my week!

“It’s boosted my INCOME and CONFIDENCE.

“My income and self-worth have

gone through the roof!

“I’ve gained so much confidence

and clarity with my business.

“Don’t even think about losing money. You’ll make it back tenfold like i did!

“I’m earning more money per week than I used to in the spcae of 4-months.

“The accountability and sense of direction

from the mastermind are invaluable!

“I’ve gained so much confidence and know this will last me for the rest of my life.

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