I’ll keep this short and sweet.

This page isn’t designed to sell you on joining Power Room.

In fact, it’s designed to do quite the opposite.

I don’t advertise Power Room to the public.

So the fact you’re here is either out of curiosity, referral, or you genuinely want to work with me at the highest level.

Now if you don’t know the value in masterminds, then you certainly ain’t ready for this.

And I’m going to be brutally honest here…

The majority of people who apply to join Power Room aren’t accepted.

Power Room is the creme de la creme of fitness masterminds.

Maybe even one of the best business masterminds in the world.

So i have to be ruthless as to who gets in and who doesn’t

It’s also very expensive. There’s no point in hiding that.

I’d rather tell you that now rather than waste anyone’s time.

Now if you’ve read the above and are still interested…

Then i’ll simply tell you who this mastermind is for and what’s involved.

So first up…

Who It’s For:

Power Room is for Fitness Professionals, Coaches, Online Experts and Consultants who:

→ Are earning 250k/year minimum.

→ Are overworked and need to build a highly effective leadership team so they can focus on higher priority tasks and strategy to grow the business.

→ Already have a team and want to improve culture and drive performance.

→ Want to scale their marketing efforts through paid client acquisition and generate millions.

→ Want to upgrade their environment and be around higher-level thinkers.

→ Want access to Phil Graham and his team for sound boarding, high level support and useful connections.

→ Want to develop as a leader, entrepreneur and CEO.

I was going to have a ‘Who It’s Not For’ section on this page but the reality is, this isn’t for 97% of the fitness industry.

So if you don’t fit all the criteria above, then the truth is – you probably won’t get in.

What’s Involved:

Make no mistake – Power Room is about serious business and personal growth

I have helped our members with:

→ Maximising Profit At Scale

→ Unpacking Their Skills/Expertise

→ Building A World-Class Service

→ Getting Out Of ‘Hustle’ Mode

→ Building A Team

→ Delivering World-Class Results At Scale

Whatever your Fitness Business Goals are,

Power Room is the place to make it happen.


And here’s how we do it…

Work Side-By-Side With Phil

You will get the chance to work alongside me every day of the year.

I will be personally on hand to give you advice and mentorship on business strategy, mindset, systems, team building and leadership.

8 Meetups Every Year

Every year we have four Authority Network meet-up’s (which you’ll get to attend as a Power Room Member) and the day after we host our exclusive Power Room Mastermind for Power Room members only.

This will be your chance to meet all of your peers in person as well as connecting with a whole host of 6-figure+ attendees across both days.

These events are some of the most sought after business masterminds in the entire world.

Business Partnerships

We welcome and even encourage business partnerships in Power Room.

With the multitude of high-caliber 6-figure+ business owenrs in Power Room, there is no shortage of opportunities for join-ventures and business partnerships


Connect with some of the best minds in the fitness industry.

I’m, talking about the top 3%. And you know what they say… it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

Grow Your Team & Get World-Class Support

You will be given access to me and my team of 6-figure coaches to assist you in fine-tuning and scaling your business.

We help you grow and train your team members and let them sit in, on our sessions. We even have days solely dedicated to training your team.

You will also have the chance to harness the support of other 6-figure business owners going through the exact same struggles as you.

What’s The Difference Between A.N and Power Room?

Power room is where every fitness coach should aim to be…

In fact, many of our A.N members have worked their way up into Power Room…

And here’s what they and i will tell you:

Different Levels = Different Devils.

The problems at 20-30k/month are different from those at 5-10k/month -that’s a fact.

And different levels of problems require different levels of thinking to solves those problems.

When you’re at 5k/month, there’s a really high chance you’ve got a marketing and sales problem…

But if you want to go further and hit that 20-30k/month stage…

Your Next problem becomes:


“How can i deliver a world-class service [at scale] to twice as many clients whilst still maintaining the same profit margins?”

Unless you want to work yourself in the ground.

The reality is – the drive and ambition that got you to 6-figures just doesn’t suddenly dissapear.

But what got you to this point, will destroy your hope of scaling going forward.

You want more. You need more.

And that’s what Power Room is for…

Where The Master’s Come To Level-Up


Kirk Miller

International Fitness Model and Owner of ‘Kirk Miller Coaching’

If you’re makling 6-figures and aren’t sure where to go from there… Power Room is the place to be. Phil’s help and guidance are second to none.

Adam James Parr

Owner of ‘AJ Performance’

Wherever you want to take your fitness business… I don’t think there’s any man or group of people that are better equipped to help you get there.

Joe Parish

Owner of ‘Team JPhysique’

Power Room is like a brotherhood. The help, guidance, and support on the business side is first class, but the tight-knit relationships i have formed with these guys has been top-notch.

Ollie Carson

Ex Military & Owner of ‘Kondition Coaching’

Mindset is everything in business and there’s no better place to be to develop a solid mindset like Power Room. These guys (myself included) don’t take no for an answer. They set goals and they crush them. Simple.

Brian O’Loughlin & Robert Gallagher

Owners of Movement 101

The Experience in Power Room so far has been Phenomenal. The support, the guidance, the mentorship… Everything about it has just been life-changine.

“I’ve grown my income from 80k to over 200k per year”
Adam Parr

“If there’s one business mentor that will make you happy, wealthy and free. It’s Phil Graham.”
Kirk Miller

“The best investment I’ve ever made in my business. Life Changing!”
Matt Peacock

“Phil has changed mine and my family’s life.”
Ollie Carson

“I’ve worked myself out of the business and have passive cash flow every month. Power Room is Life changing.”
Lee Freeman

“Phil will teach you how to scale a business, build a great team and pull yourself out of the day to day operations.”
Marc Rhodes

“Phil will teach you how to scale and build lifelong wealth! The best investment i’ve ever made in myself”
Joe Parish

“Our business is on track for 7-figures thanks to everything we’ve learnt from Phil Graham”
Movement 101

“If you want to scale your business to 6 or 7-figures and make it sustainable. The Power Room is the place to be.”
Kriss Hendy

“Phil’s teachings have allowed me to spend less time working and more time earning..”
Tony Pang

“There’s a reason everyone comes to learn from Phil. He is the best hands down.”  –
Adam Howkins

If you Meet ALL The Criteria And Want To Set Up All The Right Conditions For MASSIVE Income Growth…

Then fill out an application and connect with the head of my client relations.

My time is extremely valuable – In fact, most of it is spent working with Power Room members.

That’s why I put so much effort into weeding out tire kickers on this page.

If your application to join Power Room is accepted you’ll connect with me personally and we’ll work together on building your 90-Day Battle Plan.

The Battle Plan will identify all the bottlenecks in your business that are preventing your from scaling and reaching your income goals.

And this will give you rock-solid clarity on what exactly you need to do, to take your business to the next level.

So whenever you’re ready to take your business from chaos → order and start predictably scaling a wealth-building machine…

Then fill out the application below.

P.S. This page is deadly serious.

And I’m dead serious about only selecting the right people but don’t be put off.

If you meet all the criteria and genuinely want to work with me at my highest level… then i want to hear from you.

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